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Alan Dones Company (ADC0)


Alan Dones Company (ADCo)
Contractor License # 500826 (California)

The Alan Dones Company, LLC (ADCo) is a fully integrated general engineering construction firm specializing in land development, construction management, and general contracting.  Established in 1986, the firm is 100% owned and operated by construction professionals whose aggregate experience totals more than 200 years in the industry.  

 As a developer, ADCo is involved in land acquisition, construction, sales and leasing of residential and commercial projects in Northern California.  ADCo’s construction management and technical services include plan review, estimating, scheduling, contract award, and field inspections.  ADCo’s engineering construction capabilities primarily involve developing and utilizing proprietary construction techniques and processes. 

ADCo’s Business/Community Development Philosophy
Since its inception, ADCo’s business philosophy has been to develop its profitability and competitiveness by inventing, acquiring and employing innovative construction technologies and systems. Furthermore, ADCo leverages its competitive edge, attained through its technologies, to promote maximum minority community participation as well as cost savings benefits for its clients.  This community-oriented approach enhances ADCo’s ability to gain market share in the public works contracting.

ADCo Technologies
In the early 90’s, ADCo acquired and developed a patented pipe repair technology that restores underground pipes to “better than new” condition without digging and with minimal surface disruption. Municipal utility agencies in five states realized multiple benefits from this eco-friendly and cost-effective technology. Our alternative technology typically resulted in 20% to 30% savings over tradition rehabilitation technology and created dozens of new construction industry jobs. 

To date, ADCo recruits most of our workforce from under-employed sectors of minority communities around the US. Employees learn valuable trade skills and receive safety-training certifications to increase their overall marketability throughout the construction industry. When possible, ADCo can leverage technologies and project agreements to allow workers full union membership and provide them with health care, retirement savings plans, training programs and vacation benefits.

Joint Venture Relationships
ADCo has established successful joint venture partnerships with major construction firms including Hensel Phelps, Turner Construction, Dinwidde, and Tudor Saliba. These joint venture relationships have greatly expanded ADCo's capacity to participate in large-scale projects of various types while providing a new profitable business activity for the joint venture partners.

Construction Management
Our construction management experience is broad-reaching and includes historical renovations, commercial re-use projects, and new construction for some of the largest and most prestigious buildings in California's urban centers. Our management team is comprised of experienced professionals who provide a wide range of management services.

ADCo is MBE Certified by the Port of Oakland.


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